Children's Therapy

Special Play Time: A Simple and Powerful Intervention

At Ethos Wellness, our therapists believe in helping children communicate and process their emotions through their natural language—play. Play is an evidence-based platform through which children can connect with others and work through their thoughts and feelings.  As parents, we often look for healthy ways to bond with our children and help them process daily

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How to Support and Advocate for a Child Facing Challenges at School

The school year can come with many challenges. For some parents and caregivers, your child’s teacher may be pointing out the ways they are struggling—with things like behavioral or emotional difficulties, or even work refusal. In those instances, here are eight ways to be an advocate for your child, while also supporting their teacher.  Remember

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Tips for Traveling: Mitigate Stress to Maximize Joy

Whether it’s visiting family, attending a wedding, booking a cruise or flying to new, exciting lands, travel can be a great opportunity for fun, relaxation and connection. Unfortunately, when we hear talk about upcoming travel plans, it’s often filled with stress, fatigue, and lamenting over how in the world we’re going to get everything done—tying

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Relationship-Based Play Therapy: A Q&A with Director of Children’s Services Danielle Tschirhart

At Ethos Wellness, we’re proud to provide behavioral health care to people of all ages, including children 11 and under. Our Director of Children’s Services, Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor and Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor Danielle Tschirhart, utilizes her extensive experience supporting children through teaching, counseling and play therapy to oversee these offerings while continuing to work with

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