Psychoeducation Groups For Students

In Ethos Wellness’ small-by-design groups capped at 6 participants per group, school-aged kids and adolescents have the opportunity to develop their communication and problem-solving skills in a supportive environment led by experienced masters-level clinicians. Individual sessions are available in addition to group settings, and groups for additional ages are developing.

Executive Function Skills

Executive function is a set of cognitive skills used every day to learn and manage life, such as working memory, flexible thinking and inhibition control. Skills that fall under these three main areas include things like time management and planning, task initiation and task completion, focus, self awareness and emotional regulation. In a small group, adolescent students learn about how their brain is wired to affect their adolescent executive function skills.. Through engaging activities and application of skills, group participants will learn strategies to both understand and enhance their executive functioning skills.

High School Group:
Resumes Fall 2021

Social Skills Development with Psychoeducation Groups

By way of play-based activities, participants will develop their social skills through supported facilitated interactions. Utilizing games, movement, and activities, students will expand their abilities to initiate and engage in relationships with peers, respond to expected and unexpected social situations, communicate their needs, express their feelings, gain confidence, and develop self and social awareness skills.

Elementary Group
(2nd grade and up):
Tuesdays, 4:30-5:15 p.m.

Adolescent psychoeducation

Middle School Development

Managing middle school requires a unique set of skills. Participants will have opportunities to develop their social, learning, executive function and other related skills through engaging  activities, games, discussion and peer collaboration. This unique group will allow middle school students to engage with their peers as they expand skill development while gaining confidence and independence for school and social situations.

Tuesdays, 5:15-6:00 p.m.

Summer Jumpstart Programs


To learn more and register, contact Ethos Wellness learning specialist and group facilitator

Casey Casteel at: or (713) 571-4299.

Please note, all groups require a parent and individual intake prior to beginning the group. Once registered, all participants must follow Covid-19 Safety Procedures (temperature checks, exposure screening, mask-wearing).

Location Ethos Wellness Woodway

Groups are hosted at:
Ethos Wellness – Woodway, 5757 Woodway, Suite 201

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