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Specialized Individual, Group And Family Therapy in Ethos Wellness Lake Travis


For individuals struggling with traumatic life experiences and lingering anxiety, insomnia, depression or other related symptoms, Ethos Wellness – Lake Travis clinicians are trained and practiced in providing a safe space to help you heal and move forward through an array of evidence-based therapy modalities.

Eye Movement Desensitization And Reprocessing (EMDR)

Our clinicians in Lake Travis are specially trained in EMDR, which has shown to be particularly effective in healing trauma and post-traumatic stress. Using bilateral tactile, auditory or visual stimulation such as right to left eye movement, this evidence-based therapy can help our brains make the associations and neural connections needed to integrate or process negative memories.

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Family Counseling

We believe in a whole-family approach. In order to improve the group dynamic, gain communication skills, address conflicts or troubled relationships or facilitate healing during a loved one’s recovery, Ethos Wellness – Lake Travis therapists are experienced in providing support through therapy sessions that include the whole family.

Marriage And Couples Counseling

Our team is skilled and passionate about healing your marriage and other intimate relationships. We are experienced in providing you with the tools to de-escalate conflict, safely rebuild trust, deepen your experience of intimacy and build meaningful, lifelong relationships.


The transition between childhood and adulthood comes with challenges and complex emotions. We care immensely about this age group and feel that addressing mental health with individuals in this life stage is paramount for development and wellbeing. Our clinicians are practiced in helping adolescents navigate the struggles that can come with this stage, as well as more serious mental health issues, and we believe strongly in the benefit of whole-family involvement.


There are many components to a balanced life and successful career, and many bumps along the way. For those facing crises like a layoff, divorce or substance use habit, or for those simply looking to balance work and family, navigate complex career choices or find more meaning and joy in each day, we aid professionals in life’s hardships, in its crossroads and in the search for self betterment.

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