Walking the Path Together: Couples Therapy at Ethos Wellness

Learn more about the benefits of seeking couples therapy at Ethos Wellness.

Couples Therapy at Ethos Wellness

At Ethos Wellness, we recognize that all relationships face challenges. Even the healthiest partnerships encounter obstacles that can feel overwhelming without the proper tools. 

Our couples therapy services provide a collaborative, judgment-free environment for couples to explore the unique dynamics of their relationship, gain insight into one another’s perspectives, and learn the skills needed to foster deeper connections.

Our People-First Approach

Ethos Wellness was founded in 2018 with the purpose of increasing accessibility to mental healthcare in a diverse variety of communities. 

Our people-focused method prioritizes understanding each person while also examining the relationship as a whole. We recognize that each person arrives with their own story: their fears, aspirations, and intricacies that contribute to the partnership.

Understanding the Intricacies of Each Relationship

Our licensed therapists take the time to listen and understand all angles of the relationship without blame or judgment. The result is a foundation of trust and respect, allowing space for openness, vulnerability, and growth. 

At Ethos Wellness, we don’t just look at relationships through a short-term lens by resolving presenting issues. 

We aim for long-term healing and restoration so couples can continue thriving long after therapy ends. Our staff is dedicated to equipping couples with essential tools to navigate difficulties as they arise in the future.

Treatment Plans Tailored to Each Couple’s Needs and Concerns

While we use evidence-based therapeutic modalities and frameworks to inform our couples therapy, we recognize that each relationship is unique. Instead of using a one-size-fits-all approach, we collaborate with each couple to understand the specific dynamics and challenges in their relationship. 

Then, we craft customized treatment plans tailored to their individual needs and goals.

A Safe Space for Sustainable Healing

Whether couples are facing communication breakdowns, loss of intimacy, underlying mental health issues, or other distress, our variety of evidence-based approaches aim to uncover core issues and provide effective solutions. 

Throughout the therapeutic process, our specialists help couples pinpoint specific relationship patterns that may contribute to dissatisfaction. 

By increasing insight and self-awareness surrounding these dynamics, couples gain essential skills to foster positive change. Our goal is to not only resolve what brings couples to therapy but also equip them with tools to enhance long-term satisfaction.

couples therapy

Understanding Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is a specialized form of psychotherapy that focuses on the dynamics between romantic partners that contribute to relationship dissatisfaction. 

The overarching goals of couples therapy include:

  • Improving relationship function
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Helping couples relate better as a team


While resolving specific issues is important, the emphasis is also on fostering emotional intimacy and equipping couples with healthy relating skills they can continue practicing long after therapy ends. This prevents couples from needing to return to therapy down the road when new issues emerge.

Goals of Couples Therapy

The primary objectives of couples therapy include:

  • Fostering emotionally safe and nurturing interactions
  • Teaching healthy communication and conflict resolution
  • Increasing intimacy and connection
  • Providing tools to navigate ups and downs
  • Facilitating mutual understanding
  • Renewing commitment and friendship
  • Establishing respect and trust
  • Preventing resentment and hostility


By starting therapy before major issues escalate, couples have the opportunity to gain skills that can sustain them through future challenges. Our goal is to help couples exit therapy with an increased capacity for compassion, accountability, and partnership so they can continue thriving.

Understanding the Need for Couples Therapy

There’s a common misconception that couples therapy is solely for pairs who do nothing but fight. However, many perfectly amicable couples can still benefit from the unique growth opportunities therapy provides. 

Couples therapy can also serve as a preventative opportunity before major issues escalate, equipping couples with essential relating skills they may have not learned from previous relationships or role models. 

Some additional reasons couples pursue therapy include: 

  • Infertility challenges: The stress of conceiving can strain connections. Therapy provides support.
  • Mental health struggles: Individual issues like anxiety, depression or addiction can negatively impact partnerships. Therapy empowers healthy group dynamics
  • Trauma: Painful history creates obstacles that disconnect partners. Therapeutic settings facilitate healing. 
  • Financial distress: Money conflicts can deeply fracture relationships. Financial therapy mends these gaps. 

While every couple has a different story, the common thread is a desire to gain skills to deepen connections and prevent further escalation of issues.

Ethos Wellness: Our Solution-Oriented Approach

At Ethos Wellness, our couples therapy provides a safe yet solution-focused environment. Through judgment-free exploration, couples gain awareness of underlying issues driving dissatisfaction. 

Once core problems are uncovered, our therapists introduce techniques and interventions personalized to each couple’s needs. 

We encourage couples to vulnerably share their unique goals for the relationship while also reflecting on their core values. This clarifies priorities and intentions, serving as a compass for positive change. 

With compassion and skill, our therapists guide couples through a therapeutic journey that aims to help them relate to one another with increased trust, empathy and understanding.

How Ethos Wellness Aims to Help Couples Heal

Our couples therapy utilizes a proactive approach, resolving current issues while also equipping couples with skills to prevent future distress. By increasing self and relational awareness, couples gain essential tools to navigate difficulties as they arise. 

We provide a supportive environment for couples to safely explore vulnerabilities, communicate needs, understand patterns, and gain healthy relating skills. 

With compassion and expertise, our therapists empower couples to take ownership over their growth. The focus is not just on resolving what initially brought couples to therapy. 

True healing occurs when couples can leave therapy with an increased capacity for intimacy, conflict resolution and mutual support — tools that sustain relationships long-term. Our goal is to facilitate deep, lasting growth.

Phases of Adult Couples Therapy Care

Our couples therapy progresses through three primary phases:

  • Restoration: Initially, our licensed therapists focus on fully understanding relationship history, establishing trust, creating safety, and beginning the healing process for past hurts. This phase involves increasing self-awareness and gaining skills to communicate effectively.
  • Transformation: Next, we introduce techniques and interventions to target core issues and foster positive change. Couples learn healthy conflict resolution, increase intimacy through vulnerability, and break negative patterns. The focus is on growth and relational development.
  • Integration phase: Finally, we ensure the skills and tools introduced in therapy become second nature so couples can sustain ongoing growth independently. Additional support is always available if challenges surface again.

Treatment Opportunities

Our couples therapy utilizes a variety of modalities to comprehensively meet the needs of diverse relationships. 

Our licensed specialists guide couples to enhanced awareness, communication, and intimacy through: 

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT): Alters unhealthy thinking and behavioral patterns 
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT): Teaches interpersonal effectiveness and emotional regulation  
  • Psychoeducational groups: Foster understanding of mental health challenges impacting relationships 
  • Motivational therapies: Inspire readiness to change ambivalent behaviors 
  • Yoga and meditation: Encourage presence, self-awareness and stress reduction 
  • Codependency care: Establishes autonomy and healthy interdependence 
  • Trauma-focused therapies: Allows the processing of painful memories obstructing intimacy 
  • Family systems approach: Addresses broader relational patterns influencing the couple 


At Ethos Wellness, we recognize every relationship has unique needs. Our comprehensive services ensure we can meet couples wherever they are on their journey and provide customized treatment plans for sustainable growth.

How to Get Started with Couples Therapy

If you and your partner feel therapy could benefit your relationship, here’s how to get started:

  1. Admissions guidance: Our specialist will provide information about our couples therapy opportunities to ensure appropriate treatment selections. 
  2. Program and location selection: Together, we’ll explore our various couples therapy options across our facilities to meet your unique needs. 
  3. Insurance coverage details: We accept most major insurance plans and provide flexible payment options to increase accessibility.


Our dedicated wellness team will guide you along every step in admissions, from choosing the right program and level of care to the best location for your needs. To speak to one of our three admission team members, you or your partner may contact us at info@ethosbhg.com or 832-787-0282.

Our Mission

At Ethos Wellness, our mission is to increase accessibility to high-quality mental healthcare for all individuals and couples seeking support. We aim to provide customized, evidence-based treatment plans tailored to each person and relationship’s unique needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding couples therapy and how it can benefit you and your partner:

How Long Does Couples Therapy Last?

Our couples therapy program is tailored to meet the unique needs of you and your partner. Because of this, the timeline may vary.

For some couples, this type of therapy may occur in only one or two sessions as you target a specific issue or concern. For others, couples therapy may continue for several weeks in order to achieve results.

Couples therapy may be an ongoing process, with check-ins as needed to maintain the health of the relationship and prevent issues from arising.

Deciding whether you and your partner need couples therapy is a personal decision best made with your partner. But, certain signs and circumstances may indicate that seeking couples therapy could be helpful.

You may wish to consider couples therapy if you experience:

  • Communication issues: Persistent difficulties in expressing thoughts, feelings, or needs, and a lack of effective communication.
  • Frequent conflict: Regular and escalating conflicts that are challenging to resolve, leading to a strained relationship.
  • Emotional distance: Feeling emotionally disconnected or distant from your partner.
  • Trust issues: Betrayal, infidelity, or a breakdown in trust that is affecting the relationship.
  • Major life transitions: Difficulty navigating significant life changes such as relocation, job loss, or the birth of a child.
  • Lack of intimacy: A decline in emotional or physical intimacy and a sense of dissatisfaction in the relationship.
  • Unresolved past issues: Lingering issues from the past that continue to impact the relationship.
  • Different goals or values: Fundamental differences in life goals, values, or priorities that are causing tension.
  • Repeated patterns: Recognizing recurring negative patterns of behavior or communication that hinder the relationship.
  • Considering separation or divorce: Contemplating ending the relationship and seeking guidance on whether it can be salvaged.
  • Stress management: Difficulty managing stress as a couple, leading to increased tension and conflicts.
  • Lack of connection: Feeling disconnected or lonely within the relationship.

Couples therapy can be beneficial for couples of all ages and backgrounds. This type of treatment can come in various forms, such as premarital counseling or marriage counseling.

Thanks to this versatility, our couples therapy opportunities give you a path forward, no matter where you are in your relationship.

We’re Here to Help You Navigate Life’s Challenges

If you’re ready to invest in lasting change and take your relationship to the next level, contact Ethos Wellness today about our couples therapy opportunities. Our compassionate Texas and Illinois teams are looking forward to guiding you through the process of growth and restoration.

Reach out to us by phone at (713) 324-3754 or by email at admissions@ethosbhg.com.

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