Skills & Process Groups Treatment Plans

In group therapy, trained clinicians work with multiple individuals in a safe, non-judgemental setting in order to meet goals both shared and unique to each group member. A group’s focus can vary widely, with topics such as relationship skills, trauma healing, recovery support and more, and the benefits of a group setting are vast. Support and understanding from mental health professionals and peers, gaining skills such as communication and self expression, working through emotions, and social interaction are just a few of the many advantages. Group therapy is an integral part of numerous treatment plans for a reason, and many clients find that it makes a huge difference in their mental health and daily lives.

Ethos Wellness offers the following small-by-design groups, capped at 8 participants to allow each member to connect, engage and get the most out of the group experience, for adults, young adults and adolescents here in Houston. These groups are led by master’s-level clinicians, with many offering the option to participate via telehealth at no additional cost.