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At Ethos Wellness, we’re proud to provide therapy to children ages 11 and under, collaborating with parents to ensure the entire family is equipped to help them grow up healthy and well-rounded, able to learn and experience each stage of life to its fullest. Therapy is not only beneficial when something is “awry.” Just like academic tutoring or lessons for art, music or sports, therapy can be a helpful tool for children and families to thrive.

The following issues may indicate an opportunity to provide additional support for your child with help from an experienced mental health professional:

Child-Centered Play Therapy

Child individual play therapy is a way of being with the child that honors their unique developmental level and looks for ways of helping in the “language” of the child—play. 

Relational-based play therapy means that rather than simply teaching a skill or task, our clinicians work to develop a relationship with each child, building connection through play as a foundation for healing, growth, and guidance.

Research suggests play family therapy is an effective mental health approach regardless of age, gender or the nature of the problem, and works well when a parent, family member or caretaker is actively involved in the treatment process.

Childrens Services


In addition to outpatient individual therapy, our clinicians offer:

Group therapy

Teacher consultations

Support with Admission, Review and Dismissal (ARD) or parent-teacher meetings

School observations

Parent coaching

And services customized to the individual needs of children and families

Meet The Program Director

Danielle Tschirhart, LPC-S, RPT-S

Danielle Tschirhart, LPC-S, RPT-S

As Director of Children’s Services at Ethos Wellness, Danielle oversees offerings for children ages 11 and under while continuing to provide clinical services using her extensive experience supporting children through teaching, counseling and play therapy.

Having worked as a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor since 2015, Danielle is also a Registered Play Therapist Supervisor with the Association for Play Therapy. She enjoys training new professionals in the field of counseling and uses the individual needs and strengths of each family she works with to help parents and/or guardians develop strategies for stronger social, interpersonal and behavioral skills for their children.

Originally from Corpus Christi, Texas, Danielle has been living in Houston with her family since 2005. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. at Fielding University; her field of study is Infant and Early Childhood Developmental Psychology.

Learn more about Danielle here.

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If our clinicians may be able to offer support for you and your child, easing feelings of overwhelm and ensuring your child’s needs are fully met when it comes to mental health, reach out to our care team in confidence.

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Our Children's psychiatry services are located at: Ethos Wellness – Woodway, 5757 Woodway, Suite 285

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