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Ethos Wellness Outpatient Services Provide Integrated Therapy And Psychiatry For The Entire Family

Ethos Wellness provides compassionate outpatient therapy, psychotherapy and psycho education for individuals and families navigating emotions, exploring the relationship to self, others and the environment, processing life transitions, optimizing career opportunities and solving complex, distressing issues.

These services are available in-person at each of our beautiful, tranquil clinics and via telehealth through out the state of Texas.

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Our Services

By way of individual, group and family therapy for people of all ages—offered in-person and via telehealth—Ethos Wellness practitioners guide patients through a healing journey. Our specialized, master’s-level team is prepared to help with a variety of scenarios, including:

01 Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is private counseling where a trained therapist helps clients with emotional, psychological, and behavioral challenges through personalized support, guidance, and techniques. Clients gain coping skills, manage stress, and grow personally, as therapists tailor the approach to their unique needs and goals.

  • For Adults
  • For Adolescents
  • For Children

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02 Family Therapy

Family therapy is a form of psychotherapy that involves a trained therapist working with family members to improve communication, resolve conflicts, and address emotional issues. It focuses on understanding family dynamics and promoting healthier relationships among members.

03 Intensive Outpatient Therapy

Intensive outpatient therapy is a structured mental health treatment program that offers intensive support and therapy to individuals without requiring them to reside in a facility. It typically involves frequent therapy sessions, group therapy, and skill-building activities, providing a higher level of care than standard outpatient services while allowing clients to maintain their daily routines and responsibilities.


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04 Support Groups

Support groups are gatherings of individuals facing similar challenges or experiences who come together to share their feelings, insights, and advice in a supportive, empathetic environment. These groups offer emotional support, information, and a sense of community to help participants cope with various issues such as illness, addiction, grief, or life transitions.

05 Skills & Process Groups

Skills and process groups are types of group therapy. Skills groups focus on teaching specific coping skills, communication techniques, or problem-solving strategies to help members manage their issues effectively. Process groups emphasize open discussions and exploration of emotions, relationships, and personal experiences, promoting self-awareness and growth through shared insights and feedback.

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06 Psychoeducational Services

Psychoeducational services involve structured programs or sessions that provide education and information about mental health, psychological issues, and coping strategies. These services aim to enhance individuals’ knowledge and skills in managing their emotional well-being, often used in schools, workplaces, or clinical settings to promote mental health awareness and improve mental health outcomes.

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07 Virtual Therapy

Virtual therapy, also known as teletherapy or online therapy, is a form of mental health treatment conducted remotely through video calls, phone calls, or text/chat platforms. It offers individuals access to counseling and therapy services from the comfort of their own homes, making mental healthcare more convenient and accessible.

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08 Academic Testing

Academic testing refers to assessments and evaluations conducted in an educational context to measure students’ knowledge, skills, and academic performance. These tests can cover various subjects, skills, and levels of education, helping educators and institutions understand students’ strengths and weaknesses, make informed instructional decisions, and monitor learning progress.

Focus Areas


General Wellness

Life Transitions, Motivation, Work-Life Balance


Mood Challenges

Anxiety, Stress, Depression


Emotional Challenges

Trauma, Grief, Loss


Dual Diagnosis

Co-Existing Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder

Relationship Management

Couples, Family, Friendships, Workplace


Substance Use & Abuse

Anxiety, Stress, Depression


Professional & Academic Development

Skills, Communications and Planning Coaching, ADHD Support


Interpersonal Exploration

Purpose and Meaning, Body Image, Personality Disorders


We are affiliated with most major insurance providers.
For specific details pertaining to each location, kindly refer to the individual location’s information.
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With the aim of restoring hope, clinicians and patients work together to develop meaningful and realistic goals creating a pathway towards healing and wellness all the while those goals and establishing a strong sense of personal agency and hope.