Adult Family Therapy And Counseling Services

Overcome dysfunctional family dynamics with Ethos Wellness’ adult family therapy opportunities. We’ll help you pave the way to sustainable healing.

Understanding Family Dynamics

Family dynamics have a profound impact on our well-being. Our team at Ethos Wellness understands that they can be complicated, frustrating, and difficult to navigate on your own.

We recognize that, without the right support, dysfunctional family dynamics can lead to:

  • Increased Stress and Anxiety: Unpredictable conflicts, emotional manipulation, or neglect create a chronic stress response, impacting physical and mental health.
  • Low Self-Esteem and Self-Doubt: Constant criticism or neglect can lead to negative self-perception and difficulty trusting one’s judgment.
  • Difficulties with Trust and Intimacy: Lack of healthy emotional bonds within the family can make it challenging to build trusting and intimate relationships outside the family.
  • Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms: Dysfunctional families often model unhealthy coping mechanisms like substance abuse, isolation, or aggression, which individuals might adopt in other areas of life.
  • Poor Communication Skills: Difficulty expressing emotions, resolving conflict, or setting boundaries can stem from dysfunctional family dynamics and hinder healthy communication in other relationships.
  • Greater Risk of Mental Health Issues: Exposure to abuse, neglect, or chronic stress in dysfunctional families increases the risk of depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions.


We’re here to help families pave a path forward, guiding you through life’s challenges with compassion and expertise.

Many patients have discovered that our Family & Couple Therapy Services carry a transformative power that extends beyond what individual therapy programs can offer.. Almost 90% of people report an improvement in their emotional health after undergoing family therapy.

Family Therapy

Seeking Help at Ethos Wellness

At Ethos Wellness, we believe that healthy adult family relationships are the cornerstone of a person’s well-being and collective strength. We value people, partnership, and purpose, and we use these principles to guide our care programs.

Adult Family Therapy Services

Our adult family therapy services, enriched by adult psychiatry services for well-being, are tailored to address the nuanced dynamics that define adult relationships within families.. 

Whether you’re seeking to strengthen connections, navigate life transitions, or address specific challenges, our team of experienced therapists can guide you on your journey to a more harmonious family life.

The Dynamics of Adult Family Relationships

Adult family relationships are an intricate network of dynamics. We understand that familial relationships are shaped by a multitude of factors, including:

  • Personal histories
  • Cultural backgrounds
  • Individual aspirations
Our therapists are skilled in exploring the unique dynamics that define a family, working with our clients to foster understanding and connection.

The Complexities of Adult Family Relationships

It’s essential to recognize that adult family relationships can be complex. They can be influenced by a number of factors, such as:

  • Communication styles
  • Past experiences
  • Differing perspectives

Our therapeutic approach is rooted in empathy, acknowledging the depth and richness of each person’s story without judgment. 

We approach family challenges with a commitment to understanding and respect, acknowledging that every family is unique and faces its own set of trials. We tailor our approach to address the specific needs and aspirations of each individual and family unit.

Our Approach to Adult Family Therapy

At Ethos Wellness, we take a holistic and family-centered approach to adult family therapy. Below is an overview of how we conduct adult family therapy:

Family Centered Counseling

We believe that true healing begins with a family-focused lens. Our therapists work with families to identify and address challenges, fostering an environment where each member’s voice is heard, valued, and respected. The goal is to strengthen the family unit as a whole, promoting lasting positive change. 

We do this by:

  • Emphasizing collective well-being: Our therapeutic process places a strong emphasis on the collective well-being of the family. By addressing the needs of each member, we pave the way for a harmonious and interconnected family dynamic, developing resilience and mutual support.
  • Addressing family dynamics and communication patterns: Understanding the intricate nature of family dynamics is at the core of our approach. We work together with families to identify and modify communication patterns, encouraging healthier interactions that promote understanding and empathy among family members.

Experienced Therapists

At Ethos Wellness, our team of therapists provides a wealth of experience and expertise in adult family therapy. 

We understand the intricacies of adult relationships within families and are dedicated to guiding our clients toward positive and lasting change through: 

  • Skilled therapists specializing in adult family therapy: Our team of skilled therapists specialize in adult family therapy. Each therapist is not only qualified, but passionate about helping families navigate challenges and build stronger connections. Our therapists are here to support you on your journey towards a more fulfilling family life.
  • Professional and lived expertise: Our therapists hold advanced degrees in psychology, counseling, and related fields. With extensive training and experience, they bring a deep understanding of adult family dynamics and a commitment to providing personalized, evidence-based therapy.

Collaborative Problem-Solving

Family therapy at Ethos Wellness is a collaborative process. We work alongside families to identify solutions, encouraging active participation from all members. 

Through collaborative problem-solving, we empower families to navigate challenges and create positive change together by:

Highlighting the Collaborative Nature of Therapy

We believe that families are experts in their own lives, and our role is to facilitate a process where open communication and shared problem-solving lead to meaningful resolutions. Together, we build a roadmap for positive change.

Creating a Safe Space for Growth

We create a safe space for families to express themselves openly and honestly. Through guided communication, we pave the way for resolution, healing, and the development of stronger, more connected family bonds.

What Sets Ethos Wellness Apart

Ethos Wellness is a stand-out facility for those seeking family therapy. Here’s why:

Family-First Philosophy

At Ethos Wellness, our foundation is built upon a family-first philosophy. We understand that the family unit is a sacred and interconnected web of relationships. Our approach prioritizes the family, recognizing it as a unique and powerful force in the lives of each member of the unit. 

When families thrive, individuals flourish. Our therapeutic process is dedicated to nurturing the strength and resilience of the family unit.

Prioritizing the Family Unit in the Therapeutic Process

We believe that healing and growth happen most effectively when viewed through the lens of family dynamics. By prioritizing the family, we create a supportive environment that fosters understanding, empathy, and positive change for every member. 

Studies show that children and young adults who attend at least one family therapy session are more likely to stay in treatment.

Integrating Individual Needs Within the Context of the Family

While we emphasize the family as a whole, we also recognize the unique needs of each member within that unit. 

Our therapists skillfully integrate individual perspectives, aspirations, and challenges into the broader context of the family. This ensures a balanced and comprehensive approach to therapy.

A Multigenerational Perspective

We understand that families are influenced by the experiences and legacies of multiple generations. Our therapy takes a multigenerational approach, understanding the impact of family history on present dynamics. 

By exploring generational influences, we can unravel patterns, promote healing, and pave the way for a more connected future. By doing so, we empower families to break free from patterns that may no longer serve them.

Tailoring Therapy to Address Diverse Family Structures

Every family is unique and has its own blend of traditions, structures, and relationships. Our therapy is tailored to accommodate the diverse family structures that exist. 

Whether you are navigating traditional family units, blended families, or other configurations, our approach is flexible and inclusive.

Getting Started with Family Therapy at Ethos Wellness

Embarking on the journey of adult family therapy is a significant step toward positive change and stronger family bonds. 

Here’s our guide to getting started:

The Consultation Process

The consultation process is streamlined to make getting started as easy as possible. The process includes:

  1. Contacting us: Reach out to us via phone, email, or online to initiate the consultation process. Our friendly staff will help you with scheduling an initial consultation with one of our therapists.
  2. A consultation session: The initial consultation is an opportunity for you and your family to connect with our therapist, discuss your goals, and ask any questions you may have. It’s a no-pressure environment focused on understanding your unique needs.
  3. Assessment and goal setting: During the consultation, our therapist will conduct an initial assessment, gaining insights into your family dynamics and identifying areas for growth. Together, we will collaboratively set goals for your therapy journey. 


The Flexible Scheduling of Adult Family Therapy

We recognize that our patients lead busy lives, so we provide easy scheduling to accommodate your availability. Our therapy sessions are available during flexible hours to accommodate your family’s unique availability.

Scheduling appointments is also simple and convenient. Our staff will work with you to find time slots that align with your preferences to ensure a hassle-free experience.

Paying for Your Family Therapy Sessions

We accept a variety of insurance plans, including:

  • United Healthcare
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Aetna
  • Cigna 

You can contact our office to ask about your specific insurance coverage. Our team will guide you through the details and answer any questions you may have.

For those without insurance coverage, we also offer affordable self-pay options. Our priority is to ensure that access to quality family therapy is available to everyone.

What to Expect from a Session

During therapy sessions, expect a safe and non-judgmental space where each family member’s voice is heard. Our therapists are committed to guiding you through a collaborative process aimed at fostering understanding, resilience, and positive change.

Frequently Asked Questions About Family Therapy

We know that you may have a lot of questions about child family therapy. We have answered some common questions below, but we encourage you to reach out if you have more.

What Is Adult Family Therapy, and How Can It Benefit My Family?

Adult family therapy is a specialized form of counseling that focuses on improving relationships and communication within family units. It can address various challenges, enhance understanding, and strengthen family bonds.

Family therapy can be beneficial in various situations, such as communication breakdowns, major life transitions, or conflicts within the family. If your family is facing challenges that impact your well-being or that of other family members, seeking therapy is a proactive step toward positive change.

The duration of therapy varies based on the unique needs and goals of each family. Some families may see positive changes in a few sessions, while others may choose longer-term therapy for ongoing support.

Both options are possible. Therapy sessions may involve the entire family or specific members. This depends on the goals and dynamics of the family. Our therapists will work with you to determine the most effective approach.

At Ethos Wellness, confidentiality is a top priority. Information shared during therapy sessions is kept strictly confidential, adhering to ethical and legal standards. Our therapists prioritize creating a safe and trusting environment for open communication.

We’ve Got Your Back

At Ethos Wellness, our unwavering commitment to enhancing family well-being guides every aspect of our adult group therapy services. 

We understand the unique dynamics, challenges, and joys that come with family life, and we are dedicated to providing the support and guidance needed for long-term positive change.

Take the First Step Toward Positive Change

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