• Licensed Clinical Social Worker


  • Master of Social Work, University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work


Clinician at Ethos Wellness Lovett

My name is Michael Lassoff, LMSW, and I look forward to working with you. I have a Masters in Clinical Social Work from the Graduate College of Social Work at the University of Houston. My training includes work ingerontology, including offering therapy to homebound seniors. I also trained with a team of bereavement specialists and helped plan funeral services for Harris County’s indigent population. Most recently, I have worked as a counselor at the Houston OCD Program where I have been part of a treatment team that uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to treat depression, anxiety and anxiety related disorders. The guiding principles of my therapeutic work are that human existence is fundamentally good and that our possibilities are infinite. It is our potential to have fulfilling and meaningful lives, expressed through our love and our work. Therapy supports individuals realizing this potential. Therapy is effective at alleviating acute stress, anxiety and depression and in turn finding meaning in the difficulties and struggles of life. All pains are growing pains. My goal is to help you live a life with greater calm and acceptance, greater resilience in the face of difficulties, a greater sense of energy, effectiveness and elegance in living, an enhanced sense of choice and satisfaction, and improved intimacy with loved ones and friends.I am also training in alternative, wholistic therapies integrating mindfulness, psychodynamic theory and the body.

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