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Jeannie Foland, LPC

Group Leader | Clinician at Ethos Wellness Bellaire and Woodway

As a clinician at Ethos Wellness – Bellaire, Jeannie is passionate about helping those battling mental health issues. After watching a friend struggle and working on her own personal growth, she realized the importance of having a safe, supportive and non-judgmental space to explore your inner world and work to resolve personal and relational challenges.

Jeannie strives to create a safe and encouraging environment where clients can bring their whole self into the relationship without judgment; a space where clients can bring their curiosity and explore all facets of their life. Whether there are habits you would like to change, relationships you’d like to improve or aspects of life you’d like to explore, Jeannie would be honored to walk with you on your mental health journey. She will hold space for the hard things and celebrate strengths and victories.

A Licensed Professional Counselor with a Master of Counseling from Concordia University Irvine, Jeannie desires to celebrate the uniqueness of each client and help them understand how life experiences shape and affect their present life. Many of us are faced with difficult experiences that create deficits in our ability to manage everyday stressors. Jeannie meets each client with compassion and understanding, as client and therapist work together to create an authentic and fulfilling life. 

With an undergraduate degree in education and four teen and young-adult children of her own, Jeannie is experienced in working with both families and individuals of all ages. She integrates a variety of theoretical approaches with a focus on dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT). Jeannie is a forever student, always curious and learning, staying current on new research and improving her skills.

From the time she was little, Jeannie has been passionate about understanding people on a deep level and uses that curiosity to help guide treatment. We are all unique, and all aspects of our lives shape us and mold us in both effective and ineffective ways. Her passion is to help each client embrace what is working, and change the areas that are keeping them from becoming the best version of themselves.


  • Licensed Professional Counselor


  • Master of Counseling, Concordia University Irvine