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Finding Your Ethos

Crafting Your Success Route

In compassionate one-on-one sessions, our master’s-level therapists aim to understand the entirety of your story – your aspirations, fears, needs, and past experiences – to guide you toward rediscovering your inner light. 

Through this collaborative process, we’ll equip you with the insights and tools to rewrite your narrative. We work with children, adolescents, and adults to shift unhelpful thought patterns, strengthen relationships, and chart a new course aligned with your true north.

By tuning into family dynamics with empathy and wisdom, our family therapists shed light on relational patterns that may be unwittingly perpetuating trauma or other struggles. Together, we can help you and your loved ones develop meaningful dialogues to dissolve tensions, resolve conflicts, and nurture lasting connections between family members.
When traditional therapy isn’t enough, our comprehensive IOP provides structure and intensity while allowing you to maintain daily life. Through frequent sessions, group therapy services, and skills training, we’ll be by your side as you uncover the root causes of your symptoms, build emotional muscles, and gain the depth of support vital for lasting change.

With our support groups, we welcome you to come and find solace and strength among others facing similar trials. Together, we’ll share insights, advice, and encouragement. You’ll witness the power of community and collective wisdom to foster hope and new possibilities.  

Whether you are dealing with illness, substance use, grief, or other life transitions, our groups offer emotional support, information, and a sense of community.

Through structured, therapist-led skills groups, you’ll discover the tools to effectively navigate life’s challenges. These include communication techniques to strengthen relationships, coping strategies to manage difficult emotions, and mindfulness practices to calm anxious thoughts. 

Our open process groups allow you to share your story, gain perspective, and experience the healing force of being heard, understood, and accepted. 

Psychoeducational services involve structured programs or sessions that provide education and information about mental health, psychological issues, and coping strategies. These services aim to enhance individuals’ knowledge and skills in managing their emotional well-being, often used in schools, workplaces, or clinical settings to promote mental health awareness and improve mental health outcomes.

At Ethos Wellness, we believe that accessibility should never be a barrier to mental healthcare. That’s why we offer telehealth services, such as our online therapy, empowering you or your loved one to connect with our master’s-level therapists online.

Our secure virtual therapy platform brings compassionate support, clinical expertise, and the latest techniques right to your screen — in the comfort and security of your own home — through video sessions. With our virtual therapy services and flexible schedule offerings, we can offer customized treatments that fit your lifestyle. 

We recognize that no two students travel the same path when it comes to learning and achievement. By your side, our team of specialists aims to identify unseen obstacles holding your child back from realizing their full academic potential. Our testing services tap into individual strengths while providing tailored recommendations and access to support services.

Insurance and Support

We work with many major insurers to meet your needs. For details on rates and coverage, please contact us for a hassle-free experience. We’re here to help!

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Meet Our Success Driver

Dr. Ceci Hudson Torn, DSW, LPC, Ethos’ Behavioral Health Group’s COO, plays a pivotal role in providing integrative mental health care. Her career, spanning from corporate finance to residential summer camps, culminates at Ethos, where she focuses on outpatient services and group therapy for adolescents, adults, and families.





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