• Bachelor of Science
  • Master of Social Work
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker


  • Bachelor’s in Social Science and Psychology, University of Houston
  • Master’s in Social Work, University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work


Clinician at Ethos Wellness Lovett

Roddy Young received his Bachelor of Science in Social Science and Psychology in 1998 and went on to receive his Master of Social Work in Children and Families and Mental Health Issues in 2002, both from the University of Houston. Roddy is a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist and has been providing counseling to individuals and couples in medical and private practice settings for 18 years. Through Imago, Roddy’s goal is to help couples discover why they are drawn to each other, what is causing the conflict in their relationship and how they can turn this conflict into connection. With the answers to these questions in hand, couples learn to experience each other and their relationship in a new way, allowing them to focus on reconnection and growth. The term Imago is Latin for “image,” and refers to the unconscious image of familiar love. It’s based on years of clinical practice and research compiled by Harville Hendrix, PhD and his wife Helen LaKelly Hunt, PhD. Simply put, Hendrix and Hunt propose that there is a connection between the frustrations experienced in adult relationships and early childhood experiences. These issues can overshadow all that is good in the relationship, leaving one to wonder if they have chosen the right mate. By way of individual counseling, Roddy hopes to help clients uncover their true potential and lead the life that they’ve always wanted. In pursuit of this effort, he aims to guide clients through the realization of long-standing patterns of behavior and/or negative perceptions that may be holding them back from experiencing a more fulfilling and meaningful life. Imago relates to individual therapy as well in that it allows one to seek significant change and healing by looking at all the relationships surrounding them, i.e. with themself, their family, friends, money, work, food, sex, and much more. Exploring and understanding how one relates to these aspects of their life can lead to significant insights and growth. In his free time, Roddy enjoys spending time with family and friends and being at home with his partner/husband of 38 years and their Labrador Retrievers, Power, Jr. and Daisy.

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