Relapse is a complex process that starts long before someone picks up a drink or drug – in fact, it can begin months, even years, prior. Because relapse is part of the management of any chronic lifestyle related disease, it is unrealistic to expect a relapse rate of zero as an outcome standard. However, it is realistic to reduce the relapse rate and help those struggling with substance abuse manage relapse episodes more efficiently.

This outpatient group intends to offer individuals techniques and skills to identify, recognize, and manage the personal relapse warning signs that have led them from a stable life in recovery to active use. This is a psycho-educational experience based on the Gorski-CENAPS model of relapse prevention therapy (RPT), a nationally recognized and evidence-based model of care. Participants will experience interplay between education, personal processing, and growth.

About the Facilitator

Sevana Malkasian, LCSW, attended Relapse Prevention Therapy Certification School taught by its creator Terence T. Gorski, and is credentialed by the Gorski-CENAPS Corporation as an Advanced Certified Relapse Prevention Specialist (ACRPS).


$300 for the 8-week program


Ethos Wellness – 430 W. Erie Street, Suite 205. Ethos Wellness is a new, integrative healing center equipped to treat mental health, personality and substance use disorders in individual, group and family therapy settings.


Ethos Wellness is a 5-minute walk away from Chicago Brown Line. Parking in front of the building is complimentary in the evenings.


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