Raquel Esparza

Office Administrator, Ethos Wellness - River North

As the Office Administrator for Ethos Wellness – River North, Raquel Esparza takes care of big and small-picture tasks to keep the office running smoothly for both clients and clinicians. As far as client relations, Raquel answers questions, provides a deeper understanding of the services Ethos provides, and helps clients determine which clinician may be the best fit for their needs. She also ensures the office remains a safe, clean and comforting space for all who enter.

Raquel holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from the Illinois Institute of Art. She began her career in customer service, which gave her a good basis for working with clients, and went on to gain experience in human resources, learning empathy and human relations. She also spent time helping with billing in an ophthalmology office, which gave her perspective on the operational side of private practice. These positions helped her gain a multifaceted skill set to advocate for the clients and business operation simultaneously with a humanistic approach. Having always enjoyed the field of psychology and the importance of mental health awareness, she is grateful for this position as a way to gain knowledge and connections while providing support to the River North team.

In her spare time, Raquel loves to crochet, read, roller skate and watch horror films. She likes to travel and learn through experiences—things like languages and new hobbies. Finally, Raquel enjoys astrology and tarot cards, and she is especially fond of spending time with her adopted black cat, Moira Moon Rose.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts, The Illinois Institute of Art