Get Help Today: (713) 565-0866

Get Help Today: (713) 565-0866

The world around us can feel overwhelming.

We’re battling inflation, sickness and an uncertain future, but don’t neglect your mental health amid everything else

Ethos Wellness can help.
Schedule an assessment today to get started.

(713) 565-0866

Start with assessment to determine your unique strengths and challenges

Our clinicians will recommend the best level of care for your goals and circumstance

We offer all types of care, ranging from weekly sessions to more intensive programs, in a wide range of specialties

When it comes to therapy, we know there’s no such thing as “one size fits all.”

Just as people experience different life journeys, we create customized treatment for each client, their unique life experience, and their goals surrounding mental health and wellness, integrating a range of treatment styles for sustained, holistic healing.

Contact our care team to schedule a confidential assessment today.
(713) 565-0866

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