Liza Pierce, LMSW

Clinician at Ethos Wellness Bellaire

Liza specializes in working with people who struggle with mood disorders, borderline personality disorder, self-esteem issues, executive functioning, identity issues, life transitions, interpersonal and intrapersonal issues, trauma, grief and hopelessness. Liza’s mission is to meet the client where they are and help bring relief to a paralyzing time in their life. With an approach based in person-centered therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and psychodynamic therapy, she aspires to empower her clients with tools to help them live a more authentic life; a life they are proud of. 

Liza has always had a helpful heart and a willingness to be there for others when things get tough. Drawing from her own experiences, she rejoices in helping others overcome adversity and feel integrated with the human experience called life.

As an intern at Ethos Behavioral Health Group, Liza worked with the young adult and mixed-age adult population in the PRISM intensive outpatient program (IOP), where she co-facilitated groups and provided supplemental individual therapy sessions. During this internship, Liza realized the importance of helping clients cultivate self-compassion, agency for change and individuation within themselves to bring about meaning and purpose and create a life worth living.

Currently, Liza is a lead therapist in the adolescent department, where she works with clients in the PRISM IOP as a group facilitator and individual therapist, as well as taking on outpatient clients for individual psychotherapy. She is also a part of the Ethos Behavioral Health Group Fellowship program, where she is learning more about holistic, enriched theories, interventions and the latest advancements in the mental health field. Her goal is to provide a holistic treatment experience that creates a safe, nonjudgmental, normalizing and supportive environment that is personally tailored to each of her clients. 

During her free time Liza enjoys cooking new recipes, running on a nice day and having a blast with her three furry friends, Mordecai, Shadow and Sophie. 


  • Licensed Master of Social Work (LMSW)


  • Master of Social Work, University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work